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By Tyrone Marshall
A new plugin for C4D, so far just for MAC, that allows you to save scene states including material settings, scene settings and render settings.

The plugin is called 'Render Elements' by Adam Swaab and looks to be very useful for scene states that use Maxwell materials and Cinema 4D materials.

You could for instance, have a maxwell material that gives a clay rendering for lighting exposure and balance and have a scene state for this.

On the other hand, you can have your normal materials applied as another scene state, to check full materials and so on.

You could switch back and forth iteratively.

It is located in this thread: ... ge=1&pp=15

I give a high recommend for checking it out if you are on MAC, PC plugin is expected to be compiled after the MAC plugin is finished.
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By jespi
Thanks for info Tyrone, seems really handy.
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