By giacob
I have used this kind of projector and got uvmap error message... came back to cubic projectior and the render started regularly?... it is just a case or a bug of this version with this kind of projection?
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By Mihnea Balta
All projector types should work. What is the exact error message you got? Can you give me a scene where the error shows up?
By giacob
Same settings of material having front projector
with LW render engine
rendered with maxwell


(sorry for the orrible image)
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By Mihnea Balta
It's indeed a bug in the plug-in, thanks for reporting. It's fixed for the next update.

However, please note that using front projection may cause distortion when rendered with Maxwell if the mesh you're projecting on has insufficient tessellation. This is because Maxwell currently does the projection per-vertex, while LW does it per-pixel. The image rendered with Maxwell will look like what you see in the LW viewport, so if you see distortion there, you'll need to subdivide the mesh.

Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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