Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
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By Bubbaloo
Name: Brian Looney
Age: 32
From: Oklahoma, USA
Family: Wife for 10 years, Daughter 4, Daughter 1
Worked with 3d: Since Autocad R14
Worked with Photorealism: As soon as I found Maxwell...
Why: Why do some people not?
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By Luca_Studioaltieri
Name: Luca Frizzarin
Age: born 1981
From: Rosà, ITALY
Family: Me, my wife and my son, Elia (6 years old)
Worked with 3d: Since 3d Studio R3 (when O.S. was command line.. ohhhh)
Worked with Photorealism: Since i installed Maxwell ;)
Why: Cause is my passion (and job)
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By JCAddy
Name: Jason
Age: 25
From: Southern California, USA
Family: girlfriend Charissa
Worked with 3D: Since Discreet Max 2.5 :)
With Photorealism: For about 3 years now.
Why: Why not!? It's a fun job.
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By Mattia Sullini
Naaah....i missed this one until today! Thanks to Hyperballad that brought it in the unread section!
Name: Mattia
Age: 30
From: Udine, Italy, living in Florence since 11 years now
Family: girlfriend Tone
Worked with 3D: since Lightwave 5
With Photorealism: tried since then
Why: always been quite a maniac of the detail, even while drawing by hand...then i discovered that people pays money for doing what you like to do
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By Nils2005
Name: Nils Hendriks
Age: 35
From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands but moving to Singapore in 3 weeks.
Family: Girlfriend.
Worked with 3d: Since a program called 'Topmodel 3d' was released on a Acorn Risc PC way way back...
Worked with Photorealism: Since first maxwell alpha.
Why: hmm, not sure why exactly, I guess it's a hobby and self-torture...
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By mojo
Name: still mojo ...

Age: 28

From: karlsruhe (south-west of germany)

Family: my wife named maxwellita... ok serious! living with my girlfriend and our 7month baby julia

Worked with 3D: since 4th semester architecture studium with formZ ... was it 2002 ? maybe...

With Photorealism: since maxwell beta we try...

Why: daddy has to earn money now ... and our baby can be very very hungry! :shock:
By Nicolas Rivera
Name: Nicolas Rivera
Age: 30
From: Honduras, Central America
Family: Wife, Jessie, dog Sharpee
Worked with 3D: Since the age of 17, FormZ, Archicad, Artlantis, MODO, Sketchup, 3D Max, ZBrush,
With Photorealism: For about 7 years now.
Why: Its just a natural extension of the art that's running in my blood.
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By eldo
Name: Donal
Age: 20
From: Frankfurt, Germany
Family: n/a

Worked with 3d: since mid 2002 - started out with Cinema 4D R7 back then. Started with 3dsMax a year later.. went through a lot of renderers and was fooling around with WinOSI and some other brute-force renderers before maxwell finally came up.. i'm on maxwell since the early alpha-days. Stopped using it when RC5 came up. Now i'm using VRay for most of my stuff.

Worked with Photorealism: Since i started 3d.. C4D R7 had everything you needed.. glossy reflections, radiosity and area-shadows.. ;)

Why: because i hate to model.. and even if i do model, i'm not very good at it.. so the best way to cover up crappy modelling is kick-ass shading and lighting :)
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By gadzooks
Name: Kenny Syverson
Age: 40
From: United States Atlanta Georgia
Family: Married to Frances with a dog named sammy
Worked with 3D: since about 1996
With Photorealism: for the past 6 years
Why:Its the only thing I can think of where i get paid doing what I love to do.
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By Teccboxx
Name: Chris Sicilia
Age: 29
From: United States - Pueblo, Colorado
Family: Single
Worked with 3D: Since 2003 (Solidworks and Mastercam) also have experience with Inventor, Pro E, and Solid Edge
With Photorealism: For the past 2 weeks
Why: I am actually a machinist first off Certified in both Mastercam X2 and Solidworks 2008. I teach both on my spare time at the local community college. I got into Maxwell for two reasons, first and foremost my new job wants to put their part catalog online so instead of just taking pictures like everyone else does I thought it would be better to put it in Maxwell. The other reason I thought it would be great to learn something new and possibly turn it into a hobby.
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By Hervé
he he Stefan, page 9 you only like Maxwell... page 10 you love it... I call this progress... hehe.. :D :wink:
By pwrdesign
Name: Patrik Rosén
Born: 1982
From: Stockholm/Sweden
Family: Girlfriend
Worked with 3d: 7 years
Worked with Photorealism: Since I started with 3D

Why: Started to do some renders for Philips Medical Systems directly after I finished school in 2000, started my own company pretty much directly after graduation and worked as a freelancer/consultant for a few years. Worked with 3D for ads, movies and architecture.

After that I've worked at a few different architectural companys in Stockholm, and at the moment I'm running a 3D department at Temagruppen Arkitekter.
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By choo-chee
Name: Yossi Rachevsky
Age: 39
From: my office is in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Family: wife and 2 kids.
Worked with 3d: About 16 years since arc+ version 6.
Worked with Photorealism: About 15 years.
Why: I studied architecture and started working in architects firms during my university studies, just to find that it's boring sketching and planning all day... so I switched to something I knew after working as a storyboard painter: CG . and for architecture, it seems much more interesting.
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By bejack
Name: Bjørn Kantereit
Age: 41
From: cologne, germany
Family: girlfriend (she´s an architect like me) • 2 kids/girls • 9 and 11 years old • one ex-wife .-)
Worked with 3d: since mid 90´s - started with MiniCad4 and StrataStudio and ElectricImage (i guess 2.7.x) on Quadra650
Worked with Photorealism: since i bought Maxwell in 2008. but i´m always beyond photorealism and i will always be .-)
Why: i think as an architect, that 3d-viz should always be a tool to visualize your idea and have the spectator think his own part of the things that are not perfectly shown. why else? because i love building ideas in 3d and keep on designing while modeling.
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