my process for starting multilight is:

1. start maxwell render from z
2. once rendering starts in plugin, hit stop button.
3. turn on multilight and then hit start.

This is not reliable for me. Some times it re-renders (not often), other times my hard drive gets very active but the rendering does not start. The whole system slows down. I have waited 5 to 10 minutes but nothing.

I know the MXI file can get quite large— should I wait longer?

typing ~ml in maxwell command line at start of render crashes maxwell.

Are there easier, more reliable ways to do this?


By Gary
It seems the problems is with the number of emmiters I have. Has anyone else had this problems when more than 10 emmiters are being used?

Juan— any ideas?

I have also tried to open the MXS file in studio, but stdio crashes on import, maybe a texture/material setting issue?

This is all on a MAC.

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By juan
Hello Gary,

We are fixing that (actually this is already fixed). The new version of Maxwell will be updated very soon and the FormZ plugin will be updated at the same time.

By Gary

Thanks for the update. It would be great if Nextlimit could release smaller, incremental updates/bug fixes.

While I am happy to hear about a new version, I know it is always longer away than "very soon".

This bug cripples my workflow. Multilight is an important tool.


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