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By Brett Morgan
Hey guys, thought I'd try and render an exported mxs model from win32, got some installation woes though it seems the installation (exporting the environmental variables)this way:

export MAXWELL_ROOT=/usr/local/bin/maxwell
export PATH=/usr/local/bin/maxwell:$PATH

not there are no spaces or inverted comma's like in the manual :P

root@darkstar:/home/bert# export

relevant piece:

declare -x MAXWELL_ROOT="/usr/local/bin/maxwell"

yes we have it, and from there everything works fine, but when i close the console and open another one i get this:

bert@darkstar:~$ mxcl -mxs:/home/bertscene.mxs -d -th:4 -res:2000x2000 -o:scene.jpg
-bash: mxcl: command not found

and an export command issues no MAXWELL_ROOT env variable, I was told to make the env variable permanent I would have to edit /etc/profile but I'm not sure how to do that, any tips guys?


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By Brett Morgan
OK I had a linux guru friend of mine help me out :oops:

The fix is quiite simple, open a new text document and paste your variables in there, for my install it was as follows:

export MAXWELL_ROOT=/usr/local/bin/maxwell
export PATH=/usr/local/bin/maxwell:$PATH

then save to document as:


in your home directory so /home/username
the "." makes it a hidden file

and that's it, now the command "mxcl" actually works all the time, think that bit should be in the manual guys :D

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By Duncan
Hey Brett,
Will be interesting to see what size images you can render with 4gigs running linux :)
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By Brett Morgan
yes duncan, will be interesting to find out, rendering something now :D , not too high res though.While I'm here just wondering if anyone from nextlimit could confirm whether mxcl will eventually display voxilization percentages n while processing at the moment a percentage only shows up at 33%, 67% and 100% , saves staring at an almost blank screen :D


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