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By Teccboxx
Materials just isn't my thing and I am struggling to get a realistic looking "Brass Casting Material" and "Aluminum Casting Material"

So I am looking for someone that can create a couple of materials, the Brass Casting Material and the Aluminum Casting Material.

Here are some example photos of what each looks like

Brass Castings

Aluminum Castings

PM me on your cost and any questions you may have...
By bograt
Cost??? Don't give anyone anything for this, it would be good fun matching these materials for someone to charge for it.
It should be very easy, the materials are homogenous so should be easy to make, The realism will come with a displacement or bump map mainly, and maybe a kind of glazed effect from the glossy surface but diffuse reflections.
I am very busy but I may give it a shot...
By bograt

This is the direction I would go in... Aspects of the materials are taken from measured data but I only used the texture maps provided with the software to keep things basic. I would recommend that for a good effect, with any models (other than flat planes) you should always custom make the texture maps for the model.
I think that is the way to achieve the highest level of realism.
Basically the way I came up with this material is by using a mixture of 80% rougher material metalic material and 20% glossy force fresnel material, This is because when the on a microscopic level materials like this have a mixture of a glossy and diffuse surface even though the ior and 90 degree and 0 degree colours may be the constant...
Let me know if you would like me to upload the material... Btw the ones on the outer left are diffuse matte versions of the material that have had different treatment
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By Teccboxx
Bograt thanks a great deal for taking the time to look at these. You did an amazing job. I would love to make a donation to you for your time as I could have not have got these to match so close. As I said they look amazing and would love to get them from you.

Thanks again for your time.
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