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MXM Updater is an application that updates your MXM previews for both Maxwell 1 and Maxwell 2.
You just tell the application which files to update and it will update them all automatically and unattended, as a batch like process.

Thanks goes to glassbathroom who made the nice request and started the thread over here http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... 97&t=35515 and of course to Next limit ;-)
I will listen to feedback & wishes and I also hope you enjoy using this app.
Basic usage:
1) Pick a folder where your MXM files resides by pressing the "Browse" button, file list will get populated automatically. (It will not read any child folders)
2) Customize your setting by selecting your Maxwell version.
3) Control the preview quality by setting your desired SL, time, scale values and render system of choice. (Maxwell 2.0 and above)
4) Pick your Preview Scene. (Will only work with Maxwell 2.5 and above.)
5) And finally press the "Update MXM" button to start the process.

What you can to during the update process.
1) Stop the whole batch process by pressing the "Stop Update" button. The current running update in Maxwell Editor will not stop, it will run until its finished.
2) Stop the current running Maxwell Editor update and save its current progress. (The stop button resides in Maxwell Editor).
- Side note: As long as you haven't pressed "Stop Update" button or that there are no more files it will go no the next one.

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Release Notes:
--- Version 0.5 ---
Fixed bugs:
- Preview scenes now available and working with Maxwell 2.5 and above, thank you Juan!
- CPU usage
Known bugs:
 - none

--- Version 0.1 ---
Initial release
Known bugs:
- Might use the cpu excessively in different cases
- File list might show each file twice.
- Disabled preview scenes selector, using only default preview scene. (Bug in Maxwell Editor)
I deliver this application "as is". That means no guaranties and you use it at your own risk. A good tips is to always backup your files.
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I had your 0.1 version but didn't end up using it much. This version looks awesome. I'm testing it out right now and it's working great. It should be perfect for those of us who are obsessive/compulsive when it comes to our preview scenes!

By kami
wow, this tool really looks great. I have one question though:
I keep all my materials in different folders (sometimes having multiple versions of each material).
I would have to select every folder manually, right?
There is no setting that makes it change alle the mxm in subfolders as well?

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Nope :wink: