By JDHill
No, SU2017 uses a newer version of Ruby, so the plugin's existing Ruby extension will not load into it.
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By Scop-Amac
I'm trying SU2017 it look like a good update for now.

The API improvement in Sketchup is very good!
some of my plugin is going really fast in SU2017.

I hope Maxwell Render 'll woking on it soon.
By JDHill
Sorry, but I am not diagnose issues with the customer portal, and would suggest that you use the My Support Cases page (on the left side of the portal interface) to file a case regarding this question.
By NickWCB
Thanks for the reply.

For anyone else having the problem I have found a work-round. You cannot click on the selection box to select it, but you can tab to it and then press the spacebar to make it checked.

On support they tell me that the case was created […]

Part of this is my fault, I know. I accidentally […]

Hey J, Yes, the assistants have not been added ye[…]

Texture/finish lost in render.