By JDHill
No, SU2017 uses a newer version of Ruby, so the plugin's existing Ruby extension will not load into it.
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By Scop-Amac
I'm trying SU2017 it look like a good update for now.

The API improvement in Sketchup is very good!
some of my plugin is going really fast in SU2017.

I hope Maxwell Render 'll woking on it soon.
By JDHill
Sorry, but I am not diagnose issues with the customer portal, and would suggest that you use the My Support Cases page (on the left side of the portal interface) to file a case regarding this question.
By NickWCB
Thanks for the reply.

For anyone else having the problem I have found a work-round. You cannot click on the selection box to select it, but you can tab to it and then press the spacebar to make it checked.
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