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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.34
  • assistant materials retaui their name when converted to layered materials
  • added the Hair appearance for the material assistant
  • the plug-in no longer reserves a license when Max starts. The license is acquired when exporting or rendering for the first time.
  • fixed: wrong UVs when importing a mesh with multiple UV sets from a MXS file
  • fixed: the flip flags on the global normal map of the Maxwell material were not exported correctly
  • fixed: wrong Nd for the the ghost BSDF component created for MxLights
  • fixed: the Maxwell object properties rollup for MxLight objects was truncated
  • fixed: area light rectangles created by MxLight objects were twice as big as they should have been
  • fixed: emitter textures (HDR and projected image) were not copied by Pack'n'Go
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.35
  • added the maxwellGetCorrelatedColor() MAXScript function
  • fixed: maxwell MAXScript functions didn't work anymore
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.4
  • added support for multiple selection in the light linking UI
  • added support for per-material custom alphas
  • decreased the time needed to open the object properties dialog on scenes with many referenced materials
  • fixed: the "use global settings" texture parameter was not set correctly when importing a MXM file
  • fixed: constant density volumetric objects were not exported correctly
  • fixed: floating reflections/shadows were not working when rendering in draft mode
  • fixed: visibility flags were not exported correctly for Max instances
  • fixed: incorrect names exported for Max instances, causing blocked emitters to break if they were instanced (among other things)
Version 3.1.5
  • the environment intensity multiplier is exported to Maxwell so that the value correctly appears in the multilight panel
  • renamed default item in the FIRE window camera menu to make its purpose clearer
  • the material displacement component is exported even when it is disabled, so that it does not disappear when editing a material with MXED
  • fixed: the density parameter for the scatter modifier did not allow decimals
  • fixed: wrong file names for custom alpha channels
  • fixed: crash in Max 2012 when changing a viewport to ActiveShade
  • fixed: crash in some cases when closing the object properties dialog when Maxwell is not the active renderer
  • fixed: viewport slowdown when using many MxLights set to correlated color emission
  • fixed: the range of the emitter correlated color and coating thickness parameters did not match Studio
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.6
  • added support for extra sampling
  • updated the range of the devignetting parameter to match Studio
  • added MAXScript functions for manipulating visibility flags: maxwellGetObjectFlag and maxwellSetObjectFlag
  • added support for UDIM (tiled textures)
  • the MXS extension is always appended to the name of the output scene files, even when they already contain a dot in their names
  • added a frame offset parameter for the volumetric object
  • fixed: clicking the "hide to camera in shadow pass" checkbox could set it to an indeterminate state (checked but grayed out)
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.7
  • fixed: crash on export when the Maxwell extensions cannot be loaded
  • fixed: the animation setting in the export MXS dialog and maxwellExportMXS command was not taken into account
  • renamed the "appendFrameNrToImg" flag for the maxwellExportMXS command to "appendFrameNr", because it also affects the output MXS file name, not just the image files
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.8
  • if the time output mode is set to single, Export MXS writes a single frame even if animation is requested
  • pack'n'go resolves missing file paths in the same way the renderer does, before attempting to copy the files
  • the exporter looks for missing IOR files and MXM files in the same way it does for textures
  • fixed: pack'n'go crashed with some types of materials
  • fixed: the hue adjustment parameter was inverted in the bitmap preview window
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.2.1
  • exposed the nested priority material attribute
  • added the new 3.2 attributes to the grass and scatter modifiers and updated the default values of all the attributes to match Studio
  • it is now possible to drag and drop textures in the map buttons in the scatter and grass modifiers
  • fixed: crashes related to the scatter modifier
  • fixed: the map buttons in the grass and scatter modifiers did not update after a new texture was applied
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.2.2
  • added support for the new render layer combinations
  • added support for the new reflectancy channel
  • added support for PSD output
  • fixed: the state of the enable, format and depth controls for the UV channel was not updated correctly
  • fixed: tab navigation between the controls in the scatter UI was broken
  • built for compatibility with Maxwell
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.2.4
  • fixed: crash when trying to render hairfarm with deformation motion blur
  • fixed: wrong hair positions with deformation motion blur in HairFX
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.2.5
  • fixed: slow voxelization in FIRE
  • fixed: crash when exporting a PFlow system which instances groups
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.2.8
  • depth, format and suffix can be accessed from MAXScript for all the render channels.
  • fixed: the format and depth controls for the render channels were not enabled correctly when the render settings window was opened.
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