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A user has informed us about some problems with the latest version of Rhino on Mac (there's no problem on Windows). Version 7.21.22208 seems to crash Rhino whenever you try to interact with Maxwell materials. For the moment, we don't have a solution for this apart from staying away from this version of Rhino, but we'll try to find it as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Another little question.

Sun and Sky intensity values set in Rhino mac 7 Maxwell doesn't really stick once you start the actual render. Is there something I am not getting or handling wrong or is this still something you are working on in the integration?

best thx a lot .)

ps: and when rendering and you type in values for lights, sun, sky maxwell is frequently crashing.
Hello Achim,

In my case, that's not happening, however, I have seen other cases where some parameters (not these in particular) were not sticking.

How are you modifying those parameters? You know, in Rhino sometimes there are two or three ways of doing the same thing but they are not exactly the same. Is this happening on Windows or Mac? Some screenshots of the process would help to understand what you do.

I'd try uninstalling the plugin, opening Rhino and making sure everything is gone, and then reinstalling again.

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Hi Fernando,

while rendering I often type in the values I want (see red circles), it is easier than moving the sliders. Sometimes when that overlaps accidentally with maxwell refreshing the rendering/preview it then crashes.

OSX 12.5.1
Rhino mac 7.21
Maxwell Plugin

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Hi Achim,

Yes, that bug is reported to the developers. It only happens on Mac (you are using a Mac, right?) when the render in the viewport has to be refreshed at the same time the MXI is written. For example, zooming when it's updating would also cause that crash.

There's something that can be done to diminish the chances to get that crash (as, most probably, you feel the need to do the changes at the beginning of the render). By default, on each SL update the MXI file is saved which, at the beginning of the render, can be quite frequently. If you got to the Maxwell Render File menu > Preferences > General > Min. Time for saving to disk > and set something like 10 minutes, the MXI file won't be saved until a minimum of 10 minutes have passed, regardless the image has been updated or not. This way, you'll have some MXI backups during the render but it will waste less time writing to disk.
If you want to avoid the problem completely, you can activate the option right below that one: Save to disk only at end. This will make Maxwell write the files only at the end of the render but, in the case Maxwell crashes for some other reason, you won't be able to resume the render as there will be no MXI file saved as a backup.

I hope this helps a bit.

Best regards,
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