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Something for novices to start from, using the cubic projector real scale method to avoid time consuming UV unwrapping. It shows how incredibly simple it is in MS to set up proper materials with slight imperfections that are easily tuned or disabled.

Opaque plastics ABS https://youtu.be/QwxIOg4jdoY
Translucent plastics https://youtu.be/Q0M1GV2ggVU
Transparent plasticshttps://youtu.be/uqXFCZjdXek
Solid metals https://youtu.be/ifnh8yxM-IY

YouTube messes up colours and creates artifacts, see full-res preview renderings here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mfvgkphf2kzt ... jbaXa?dl=0

Basic analytical rendering https://youtu.be/e_1fonzhp_8
Basic backplate rendering https://youtu.be/izYfRjYr_Oo
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