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By ki_cz
Hi all,

I'm trying to achieve an effect that I'm simply going to call 'exaggerated iridescence' for lack of a better term, I'm not sure if a physically accurate renderer is the best way to achieve this (or if it's even possible), but I'm trying to achieve something like this:


I have a coating layer using a noise procedural thickness map, with min/max thickness of 100/800nm and have tried it both solo as well as with a BDSF glass layer underneath, but just can't get this level of rainbow to appear while also having the object appear to have thickness.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
I'd start with the library's own bubble MXM and see how it goes.
I've learned over the years that most materials that are included are best for starting out instead of trying to figure out myself "how-to"s.
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By Max
this is a quick SL 20 with a normal Glass shader with dispersion enabled.
The dispersion accumulation is probably driven by the light reflections and the environment HDRI. So just play with that
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By Nasok
I think.. that's the way.

Coating layer also very heavily dependent on objects curvature and reflections. So if you'r object mainly flat with just slightly beveled edges - and your environment doesn't have much things to reflect - then - well you know what to tweak :)

Variable surface thickness with noise texture is a great idea. But before applying that I'd use a constant thickness with an adjusted geometry curvature to tackle the base look, then you can add noise and so on.

Dispersion is a great way to add up to it too. It will take quite a some time to render though .. but if that's your jazz - go for it :)


If you check this page from the docs about the coating component you'll see the most intense coloring of the coating is between 80-400nm, more or less: https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... +component

So maybe you can make your noise map stay between those values.

Also, you can see different camera responses. Some produce more saturated images than Maxwell's linear output.

All the best,
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