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By Cameron Behning
Dear Maxwell Developers (aka Fernando),

I have been using Maxwell Render for about 4 years at this point, ever since starting in architecture school. This rendering engine, though not the fastest, has always been the most accurate, reliable rendering engine I've ever used. Of particular help was the integration of clipping planes from rhino into the engine.

For me, clipping planes have always been something of a mixed bag with other engines. They would cut through the object, but the resulting light and shadows would be as if the clipped geometry just didn't exist. But with Maxwell I could us a clipping plane to remove the roof of a building and still see how shadows and light are cast through the building for some really powerful accurate light studies that allow me to make really educated decisions for my design. This is a feature that was never present in any other engine and trust me I have looked.

I have been looking to upgrading to Maxwell 4.2 since I primarily use Rhino 6 now. However, when i downloaded a trial, I noticed that there is no way to use the clipping plane and the z clip plane function doesn't even work properly in the mean time. I understand that the update was a huge undertaking, but the exclusion of the clipping plane integration is a make or break feature for me, as I know it is for at least a dozen colleges.

What updates are coming on this? Is it still planned (I hope so)? Is there any way to request the feature if it's not and actually get it? How many people would need to contact you about this feature to make it a priority. I can get you those request if need.

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By Forum Moderator
Hello Cameron,

Currently, that feature is working fine if I'm not wrong:

Z-clip Rhino.png
Could it be that you tried to load a file coming from Rhino 5 and from the previous plugin? The public version is not handling that very well, but I'm testing a new version where it should be improved in some situations.

As a side note, we have tried to prioritize the essential features over secondary ones and also taking into account the difficulty degree, but our plan is to have every feature included in the plugin for Rhino 5 plus some anything we can add on top of that. Of course, you can request any feature you think could be useful or make your life easier.

Kind regards,
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