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By Christian Zuppinger
RoomBox will coming soon. It will be the perfect tool for interior design studios and architects.
Should arrive soon, as there is already a Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc account installed for it...
By feynman
"looks good"

Some clicky drop in software for Millennial quick-fix "interior decorators".

No news about the many Studio bugs? No news about a major Maxwell update? Fully functioning GPU rendering?

Automotive, aircraft, boat, packaging, product and industrial designers remain thrown under the bus, forced to use godawful Keyshot.
By feynman
Good news, Octane standalone works for NX, Alias, Catia, Fusion, etc. users. Large community, too. An escape from Keyshot in reach. It's too bad the community here and the software just petered out.
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By Max
i can not believe they wasted resources into that....
By feynman
Incredible, isn't it? Who needs that? Effort would have been better spent to iron out existing MR bugs and move things forward to win back lost industries ; )
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By choo-chee
in my opinion this is a great idea. hoping maxwell will get cloud render too :)
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By Nasok
Yeah, I back this up. This could be a very big thing if developed / positioned right.
It could start for interior design industry and save thousands of hours ($) for ID projects, but personally I see even more potential for in-store, POSM, exhibitions, events and those kind of commercial uses. Could be a very handy tool and a pretty good platform even for a marketplace.
And, since it's Maxwell based, it could be even great for product Viz, when you're tired of "2 side stripes" studio light rig and want to see you product in more real-life environment.

On the other side, furniture manufacturers can use use this tool to showcase their furniture in environment. Way more affordable than building a showroom.

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