Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
Nice interiors! A few comments I'd have is that it looks like for some of these the denoiser blurring issue really destroyed details on some of the materials, and also it seems you've tried to use only the natural lighting and not "enhance" the renders with any emitters elsewhere, but it could help to try, just to add interesting highlights and pools of light here and there.
Agree with you, just did as test and because it is two time faster rather then with extra emitters, but i will do some render with extra lights and will post it.
Is it normal for maxwell to render interior with HDRI + lights much slower then exteriors in case of speed. As i do exterior HDRI + light and my benchwell is around 1500 and the same lights for interior is around 500.
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Yep, interiors are always slower than exteriors: light bounces a lot more instead of escaping into space; also using conservative materials that don't bounce off too much energy, is more relevant in the case of interiors.

Using big fill lights, like a photographer would do, will improve the render times, as well as leaving one of the walls open (although this is not always possible).

If you're mixing emitters with any of the other types of lighting (Physical Sky, IBL) Maxwell will prioritize the emitters and especially for interiors this means that the lighting from the emitters will be clean much faster than IBL or PhySky (especially if you use Sun with PhySky). So what happens is Maxwell also keeps wasting calculations in the already clean emitter lighting instead of concentrating everything on the IBL/PhySky which is where it's needed. The solution is to actually render twice, one with only emitters, and then the IBL or PhySky, then merge the renders in Linear Add mode (using 32bit EXR or TIFF files).

You render once for the emitters to about SL 15 (in many cases the lighting even for an interior will be clean by SL 15-16), then for the Phy Sky to at least 18-19. But the combined render time will be a few hours shorter at least, compared to rendering both types of emitters in the same go.
I love Maxwell when you do some product rendering , I am not doing it in my regular work just for fun sometimes but it is awesome to do it...
here is couple renders I did for several hours.
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