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Hi JD,

In C4D if I leave the source object untextured, then the render instances can receive their own texture. But in maxwell its not working. Am I missing something?

It works fine if I disable render instance ofcourse but thats prohibitive,

Strangely its working if i set up a new super simple scene, will try to find the problem in the big scene...
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Ok, the problem only shows when mapping is used, and one workaround is to use c4d materials which auto convert with correct mapping, but then i cant specify priorities :( ...will test how much of a problem that is...

Erm, auto convert doesnt allow textures for transparency, so thats a non-starter.

Im stuck, help :(

Edit: I found a way to make a chevron pattern with geometry in this case, using 80 something instances, so fairly efficient;
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Since the forum was redone, my account (as a developer) doesn't support private messaging.

Would I be correct to guess you're using outdated plugins because you are still using win xp? Either way, I don't think it should make a difference between the current version (4.1.3) and the ones you're using; that part of the code should not have changed. If you send (via dropbox or similar) a cinema file, I can try looking at that.
I don't think this link is right, it just goes to the dropbox home page of whoever clicks it. You need to go to the file in dropbox, click the Share button, make sure it says "Anyone with the link can view this file", and click the "Copy link" link.
Got it, thanks. On first look, the problem is not that the material is not applied, it is rather something to do with UVs, which you should be able to confirm by changing the two materials to two simple diffuse materials. The question is how to get any UVs on the source object, if putting a material there prevents different materials being applied to instances of that object. I am looking into it.
Yes, that is the problem -- Maxwell does not support having different UVs on an instance, which is how you're distributing your texture across your instances. Since this is a repeating pattern, you could still use instances, but you would need four source objects: two for the left and two for the right, with one of each having a "lower" pattern with red below white, and the other having an "upper" pattern, with white below red. You'd put the texture tags on the source geometry and set up the UVs there, and then remove the texture tags from all the instances; this would have the added benefit that you'd no longer have to manage all the mappings on individual instances.
No, I am saying you need to texture the source objects instead of the instances, because Maxwell doesn't support per-instance UVs.

(I think we may have some confusion, when I write UVs, I am referring the the UV coords, whether generated using flat projection, UVW mapping, or one of the other projection types)
Ah, got it, thanks, shame it doesn't work, I am using instances more and more these days with gpu memory limitations in mind.

Is it a possibility for the future? do other render engines for c4d support this?

Test render of the day attached for no reason :), this morning I have been adding grunge via cubic maps and flat mapping;
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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