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By Leonardo Giomarelli
Good morning,
I asked for the demo version of Maxwell Render, I received the link, and I also installed the plugin for C4D. As you can see from the attached screen, the export icon on Maxwell Studio is not active .... what should I do?
Use Mac OS 10.12 and C4D R16

Thank you

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By JDHill
This means that the plugin is unable to locate /Applications/Maxwell Render 4/studio.app. It is possible that you have installed Maxwell Render (from the plugin's .dmg) after installing Maxwell Studio, and that this has removed studio.app from the /Applications/Maxwell Render 4 directory. If so, you should be able to fix it by installing Maxwell Studio again.
By JDHill
That is because a plugin license does not include studio, and macos' typical drag/drop installation amounts to copying the whole directory to /Applications. Choosing "merge" instead of "replace" when overwriting an existing directory would work in limited cases, but that is not recommended, because it is too easy to end up with an installation that contains files from different, incompatible versions. To alleviate this, I have proposed just including studio.app in all distributions, and letting studio notify you that it lacks a valid license to run when that is the case, but the decision is not mine.
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