Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.
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By Jakob Ryngen
I put up an render network in our office for the night but overslept so people got to the office before me and logged out. Is it true that I will loose everything that they have rendered and that the work on those computers will not be part of the final gather?
By numerobis
If you didn't restart the maxwell node on this computer since it has been shut down, you should still find the last MXI file in your temp folder of this machine (if you didn't disable the autosave or changed the way how maxwell handles the temp files). You can merge this MXI manually with the result of the other nodes.
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By Jakob Ryngen
Thank you for the answer!
You are referring to a temp file that is saved on the individual computer? The save path of the render is the same for everyone but that is not what you are talking about right? How will manager or monitor find and merge files on the different cpu's after they have stopped being part of the render? Sorry if this seems like stupid questions but I am not that familiar with network rendering.
By luis.hijarrubia
No, the thing is that you have to do all this manually. Get that temporal files, put them all together an merge them. On maxwell.exe you have merge mxi and merge mxi sequence options on file menu.
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By Jakob Ryngen
This was actually kind of complicated. Next time I will render half the scene on one computer and the other half on another and ad them in Photoshop. Is there a good reason for not doing this?
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By Jakob Ryngen
Can you render the same mxi on two computers without using network render and then merge them to a higher SL?
By numerobis
I think you mean MXS? That's the concept, yes.
Network render is doing the same, only automatically.
By luis.hijarrubia
Jakob Ryngen wrote:Can you render the same mxi on two computers without using network render and then merge them to a higher SL?
Yes, you can merge them properly using xmi merge option on maxwell render. That should give better result than merging jpg or png images. You don't even need them to be at the same SL. It's just more samples being added. The only thing that you need to care it's that the seed it's different on each machine or you will be doing two times the same samples instead of doing different samples on each machine (with the cpu id setting).

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