By Wynott
So... My materials page was becoming so bloated it was basically unusable. Really confusing when linked blocks are adding all kinds of duplicate materials.

I've started going through the files I'm linking in and ensuring the material names are unique and preceding the material names with an _ so they all stack up at the beginning of the list and I can ignore them.

I've still got some stragglers that keep reappearing when I open the file, which I assume means they're coming in with a linked block... Problem is when I assign those materials to something, the block name isn't showing up in the layer tree so I can't figure out where they're coming from.

Any clever ideas on how to track those down?
By JDHill
I'm not sure if I fully understand the scenario, but could it have to do with setting Layer Style to Active in the Block Definition Properties for some blocks? I am referring to: BlockManager > double-click a block definition > Block Definition Properties dialog > Layer Style. Setting this to Active would merge the referenced file's layers with those in the current model, rather than putting them under an item (named for the linked 3dm) in the layer tree.
By Wynott
Thanks Jeremy. Yes, you've got the scenario right but I don't use active layers. Going to have to do some more troubleshooting and then follow up.

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