It seams to be some random bug with current AC plugin and Maxwell 3. Sometimes the exported view in Fire turn 90 degree (it flips coordinates).

Also when exported to Studio (or directly to render) MXS references sometimes are rotated ~45 degree. If this error occured, we could export again without changing anything in the file, all things goes fine, and in a later export, it's rotated again.

Windows 7, 64 bit, Archicad 17 latest update. Latest downloadable AC plugin, MR

My questions to understand the problem better:
a) So it happens with mxs references?
b) camera too?
c) but not with other objects?
d) How often do you see it?
e) Is there maybe a sample file where I could test it?
f) Does it happen with different files or you have only seen it on a certain project?

In the past we had a similar issue, but later we were not able to reproduce it on a different file.


a) Yes, those are rotated both in fire / studio / render, but randomly with new settings at every export / update, the .MXS files are created in MR 2.7

b) Camera settings goes weird only in FIRE from AC17 and only in some projectfiles.

c) every internal objects (GDL and so on) works as it should

d) Most we run AC -> Cinema 4d -> Maxwell and in those case, we don't use MXS refences in AC. Now we are rendering alot of kitchens with small changes where a client could test alot of setups on the WEB and here we want to cut of the C4D and render directly from AC. We have done the same with MR 2.7 before and there it works fine.

e) If I could pack all files I could send it to you

f) We are at our first 'projekt' in MR 3.0 were we work like this. Though we have 3-4 projectfiles and all of them works the same regarding mxs references. Regarding Fire cam flip x-y-z, there we have moved all objects to e new file and then it have worked again.
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