By maxwell1014
Hi to all, i've an issue with the Maxwell V3 plugin, Revit 2014 and Windwos 8.1 Pro.
After installed, and redirect to the right folder and maxwell.dll position, when i wuant to open the "render parameters" tab, i receive this error:

"Revit could not complete the external command. Contact the provider for assistance"

In detail:

Revit encountered a System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given Key was not present in the dictionary... Etc Etc... Please, help me.
Thank you very much!
By pfschuyler
Yes, I hope the developer is listening closely. The Maxwell 3.0 plugin for Revit does not work, period. It doesn't work for Revit V2013, which I have at work, or with Revit V2014 which I have at home. This is what I did last weekend (at home).

-Brand new, fresh install of Windows 8.1 64 bit.
-Brand new, fresh install of Revit 2014 (as part of 2014 Building Design Suite Premium)
-Brand new, fresh install of Maxwell 3.0, network version.
-Brand new, fresh install of Maxwell for Revit plugin, v3.x.

Launch Revit. Programdata appdata file can't find Maxwell. After correcting that to the proper directory (crazy), Revit launches and recognizes the plugin. Open any standard sample scene that comes with Revit. That delivers a giant error message, as you mentioned.

The plugins for Maxwell 3.0 are not ready for prime time.
By pfschuyler
The newest version of the maxwell plugin, updated today, still points to the wrong directory for Revit V2013 upon installation. Editing the appdata file is still a requirement to get it to work.

However, at least it appears to render successfully. You know tere is more than one version of Revit. The version of Revit that comes with the Suites is all-encompassing, including Revit Structure, Architecture and MEP. Maybe that's the problem?
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