We upgraded last night to the latest version of Maxwell Studio and the SolidWorks plugin, and since then none of my previews show up in SolidWorks (Professional 2011). When I go to make a sketch, I can't see the lines/dimensions/relations, etc, when I go to extrude a shape, add a fillet, revolve a cut and so on it doesn't show me any previews (they are all set to 'Show Preview' as I've always had it).

At first I didn't think of Maxwell being the issue, but as soon as I disable the plugin everything started to show up again as normal. Please see the images below for examples.

Here I'm simply adding a plane 20mm from the default top plane. The Maxwell plugin is disabled and everything shows as it should:

Now here I'm trying to do the same feature with the Maxwell plugin active. As you can see, no previews are showing. Even when the feature is finalised, it won't show me the plane I've just created (and it's definitely set to visable):

Like I say, it's happening for all features on everything I've tried while the Maxwell plugin is active (even new models). The PC has been restarted since installation. I'm running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), SolidWorks Professional 2011 and Maxwell (Studio and plugin).

Any help on this would be great.

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