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By Chris Zakrewsky
Maxwell Render Export plug-in v1.0.0 for MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 2 has been released.
I would like to thank all our Beta testers for their valuable feedback! See you again on our Beta forum.

This forum is for discussing the released versions only, so in this thread I will only post information about public updates -- as soon as they are available.

1. Release Notes
2. User Manual
3. Tutorials

Very Best Regards
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By Nova66
It's been a great ride so far Chris :-)

I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to have Maxwell Render in our kit of parts for MicroStation. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it is such a joy using Maxwell Render and not just because of the superb image quality but also because of it's ease of use and the attention to detail that Next Limit bring to the GUI.

Are you going to make an announcement on Bentley's Visualization forum? I hope to get as many people as possible excited about what you've done here :-)

Great work,

I have been using a Microstation / Maxwell workflow for many years and was very dissappointed when the tab was initailly removed during Microstation's early Luxology development. (Maxwell export was still possible with the key-in but limited options)

Nothing touches Maxwell for quality and ease of render and I look forward to following / assisting with any development in it's links with M/S.

Excellent work on the plug in - Thanks Chris.
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