anyone successfully using the decal tool in Z & Maxwell? I have no problem mapping my textures but no luck applying a decal to the face of an object. Renders fine in Z but Maxwell does nt render it...



Decals have to be added as an overlay transparent "thin" object with the decal image applied as a texture map instead of using the Decal Tool in form Z. It works best if you create a new "mxm" clip map of the decal image, import it into Form Z and hit the "refresh style" button under the Maxwell tab in the surface style parameters box. However I have successfully exported the new object directly from Form Z and letting the plug-in convert the decal object in mxcl. I would copy the components you want to apply the decal, union the copy and use the 2D surface tool to extract the surfaces you need for the decal and apply your texture map to the new 2D surface. This should give you an exact fit to the old object. Apply the "decal" texture map in Form Z as you would normally do in "Z" and it should export to mxcl correctly. I hope this helps. :D

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