By Gary
on mac:

1. open mxm in mxed
2. select "save mxm as..."
3. save new mxm in new location and choose "yes" to pack textures to new location sub folder.
4. check the linked locations of textures for the new mxm. they are still linked to the location of the original mxm, not the new texture sub folder.

is this correct? why should the user have to re-link?

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By Gary
Hello Brian,

Let me try to explain, and I agree re-linking should not be necessary.

When you choose to save a new MXM in a new location (any location, not necessarily the project folder) Maxwell is offering the choice to copy a set of the textures into a sub-folder at the location of the newly created MXM. My assumption as a user is that the new MXM will link to the newly created textures in the sub-folder of the new MXM.

Here is an example:

1. I open MXM named black. I choose "save mxm as..." and save it as MXM white in a new location
2. when prompted by MXED I choose "yes" to pack textures to new location sub folder (MXM white location)
3. I now open MXM white and check the texture links, but the are not linked to the textures in the newly created MXM white subfolder, they are still linked to the original textures for MXM black.

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By Bubbaloo
I understand. I have brought this issue up to the team in the past. A quick solution (instead of having to re-link each texture) is to open Studio, import your newly created mxm's, and do a pack n go. The y should then be correctly linked in your specified folder.
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