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By frosty_ramen
Is there a way to export models from solidworks either to 3ds Max or a file not using the maxwell plug-in, i have noticed very large/long triangles upon opening models that have been exported from sw with the maxwell plug-in. any help/advise would be much appreciated.

By JDHill
You can choose from several formats if you use Save As and then select the desired format from the 'Save As Type' drop-down. I don't see 3dsMax listed there, but you could probably use STL. If you do that, then click the 'Options' button, you can set the mesh quality for the STL export. From what I've seen though, you won't get much (if any) different results using this method - I don't think there's really any difference between the output here and what you would get by adjusting the settings in Document Properties > Image Quality and using the plugin.
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By frosty_ramen
JDHill thanks,
do u know of any good plug-in or program for sw to 3ds max?
By JDHill
Sorry, I don't - you'll have to wait for someone else to suggest something.
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By Eric Lagman
yanada wrote:SolidWorks CAD Translator Plug-in For 3ds Max ... rview_.htm

Or if you are in budget there is not support for SolidWorks - Native Format (is coming) in the meantime you can import .iges .step .sat and then export to .obj .fbx etc. MoI has one of the best meshers out there.IMO
I agree for the price MOI is a good deal and it outputs obj guad meshes. I have had it give me trouble though on complex surfaces exported out as iges from SW into moi. That could be happening during the iges conversion though and no fault of MOI. Thats good to hear it will have capability to open native sw files soon.
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