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By Asmithey

I rendered a scene with Alpha checked. I did this so I could open the image in Photoshop an drop in a background. When I saved the image as a .Tif and opened it in PS, the background was balck as expected. But a seperate channel was NOT listed. The black background was part of the image and not seperate like a alpha channel should be, right?

I am I missing something?

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By Asmithey
I noiticed the Alpha channel was with my output files.

All Clear.
By medmonds
(Also posted on FormZ Forum)

My alphas are also being generated in separate files, which is fine... The thing that I dont understand is the range of greyscale values dont make sense. The "background" is black, as it should be. But the solid areas (ie where opaque buildings are) are about 50 percent grey, as opposed to white, the way they should be. There is no value even close to white, which would mean that everything in my scene had a at least some transparency in the material definition... which of course is absurd.

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By tom
Matt, could you send me a very simple scene having this problem?
By Gary
Hello Matt & Tom:

Was this problem ever resolved. I am having the same problem. Sometimes my Alphas are crisp black and whites, others are grey scale.

Not certain why.


By medmonds
Honestly, Tom's request slipped past me. I'm not sure if it's been resolved or not. I can run a test in the next few days to see.

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