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By oz42
The instancing feature of the Maxwell plugin for XSI is superb and it saves me a lot of time and memory but recently I have been having problems with instancing models that contain an emitter.

If I create a model of a chair and instance it many times everything is fine. If I create a light fitting with the bulb having an emitter material then when I instance it and try to render the scene, XSI exports the model to mxcl and then mxcl instantly crashes. If I duplicate (copy) the models of the light fittings, instead of instancing, everything is fine.

Is this a bug or is it impossible to instance lights (emitters) due to the way Maxwell works? (i.e. it would conflict with MultiLight?)
By Bogdan Coroi
Using lights as instances is not supported yet by the renderer.
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By Mihai
Wouldn't it be just as good to clone the objects in XSI? If your object geometry is not 100 000 polys and more, instancing isn't really needed.

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