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By Tea_Bag

I noticed an email today that offers customers on previous version a Maxwell a chance to upgrade to V5 - Maxwell | Bundle’ giving them access to one seat in all the plugins including Maxwell Studio :shock:

Will this apply to customers already on V5?
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By Matteo Villa
Would be awesome having a bundle with support for every software out there.

Two problem:

1) nodes will be removed or kept in the upgrade

2) that would mean an increase cost for the next upgrade ( let say a V6 )?

Nextlimit for already paying customer from the V2 or V3 could give the upgrade for free. Just as a compensation for the V4 disaster.

Since remember, we are not still seeing the full V4 list completed in the V5

We are waiting :mrgreen:
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By Brian Buxton
It is a lot of money to restore functionality removed at versions 4 and 5.
I might crossgrade if Black Friday brings a good price, so far the formZ plugin has not been great for me even with the recent improvements.
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