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I would recommend holding off on updating to 5.2.1 if you are using referenced MXS files in your Rhino Model. Some disappeared on first opening of the file and other disappeared on further save and opens. Some remain in the file and render correctly, but do not show up as faces objects in the viewports.

I need this resolved as I have a model that is heavy with referenced MXS files.

Thank you for the feedback.

Regarding the Sea and Volumetrics extensions, they are not shown in the extensions panel as they are objects more than modifiers (this may be a bit confusing, we know) and you will see their properties in the object's Properties panel (Maxwell section). They can be created from the Tools toolbar or using the command Maxwell_AddObject.

Regarding the command Maxwell_ShowToolbars, I can see it's not working (I have already informed the developer), however, the toolbars are there. I think this has to do with the fact that their name has reverted back to Rendering, Materials and Tools for some reason (and by mistake) instead of Maxwell Rendering, Maxwell Materials and Maxwell Tools as the command is expecting. If you look for them in the Window menu > Active Tool Palettes and you should be able to find them there.

Regarding the Referenced MXS, we made some changes trying to optimize their memory usage and their weight in the viewport and also made it possible to use nested references (one or more mxs files inside another mxs file); so there are chances that we have made some mistakes there. Is there anything peculiar in your scene that you think would be useful to know when trying to reproduce your problem? I'll try to recreate a similar situation.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
Kind regards,
Hi Fernando,

Thanks for responding. Not sure what I can suggest you try to replicate the issue. I have a Rhino Model that has quite a lot of MXS references (mainly trees and other landscaping elements). When I loaded up the file in 5.2.1, some (but not all) of the references had disappeared. It was not easy for me to work out which and I didn't have time to investigate further at the time, so I have gone back to 5.2 to allow me to carry on.

Also I noticed that the references were not showing up as faces (just bounding box), but I think this is maybe a Rhino update issue as they seem to render OK. Might be a red herring.

If you are still struggling to replicate, I may have time to reinstall 5.2.1 and try and come up with a better answer.
Thank you for the feedback.

The issue of the referenced mxs not showing as faces might have to do with the fact we have added the point cloud style to the list of visualization styles (although it's currently slower than faces style, which is quite surprising).

I'll do some tests and get back to you.

All the best.
Hi Fernando,

Did you get anywhere on this? Just to be clear it is not only and issue with the references not showing as faces. Some of the references just disappear entirely (with no warning or error messages). This is problematic as in a detailed scene it is not always apparent which ones have deleted themselves until much later and then it is not easy to get them back as they were. Consequently I can't use 5.2.1 until this is fixed.


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Fantastic! Thank you