Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
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By ivox3
hey All ....
First off ... a hello to my old friends. Hello !

So, I've been away awhile. Quite awhile. Anyway, I need to know where we're at with the Rhino plug-in and it's usability. Or a better question, what combination of rhino and Maxwell is the best setup? Believe it or not, ... I am still using version 1.7.1 with rhino 4 daily on a W3670 Hexacore machine. Now, the reason for the inquiry is because I simply need to build a new machine running Win10. You know, if websites would function properly with Vista64 I'd probably just keep on with this setup ...lol
Everything works fantastically.

Jeremy did an outstanding job back then ... There were only the most minor(est) of bugs and when your so familiar with them they cease to be bugs when the work-arounds are well laid out and second nature. What up JD ... maybe you read these from time to time.

So please chime in or just say hello .......

regards to you all....
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By Mark Bell
Welcome back....v1.7.1....I think this was when we first started or maybe 1.6, something like that.

I think it's time to upgrade as Maxwell has developed a lot since then. My memories of 1.x are...lots of grain and time waiting to see something, so you will be pleasantly surprised with v.5.2. We don't use Rhino so can't comment here just Maxwell Studio.

Just wanted to chirp in here to give you some encouragement to move on from 1.7 :-)
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By Forum Moderator
Welcome back Ivox!

It's nice to see you around.

I'm afraid Jeremy is not working for us anymore. He decided to move on with other projects.

Currently, the plugin for Rhino 5 (we don't support Rhino 4 anymore, sorry) inherits Jeremy's code and might be very similar to what you already know, however for Rhino 6 and 7 we had to rebuild the code from the ground up as the SDK upon which the plugin was based was deprecated. In this case, for several reasons, we decided to integrate it more into the Rhino structure. With one license you've got access to the plugin for Rhino 5 and the one for Rhino 6 and 7, so that's up to you, although put more effort into improving the latter.

Regarding the new plugin, a huge work has been done already but there are still a few things missing, like Volumetrics and Maxwell Sea (which we wanted to add in an update this week, however, the developer had some issues with his computer and it caused the release to be delayed). There are some "comfort features" that we are adding too (and more we want to add), but generally, most of the functionality will be there with this update. There are still some cases of instability that we want to tackle as well as some sluggishness with Fire in some systems, but I would say we are getting into the phase of polishing the product (it would be interesting to read what the users have to tell in this regard).

As you are coming from the old plugin, this page on the documentation might be interesting for you: https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... or+Rhino+5

Also, this video might be interesting too as an introduction (and you can hear a sample of my melodic voice :lol: ): https://youtu.be/x1oO1dOihUo

Of course, you can give it a try from here: https://maxwellrender.com/try/

Please, let us know what you think if you come to try it.

All the best,
Fernando Tella
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