Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Good morning all,
Rhino's Maxwell fire ( refuses to start ... even though my PC integrates an RTX 5000 quadro card under win 10.

Here is the error message: Not compatible GPU detected. GPU error. :o

It's annoying because my card is new and it is very expensive ...
Will this card be supported by Maxwell soon?
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Thanks Luis, :D
I thought I had installed a recent driver for this card, but this one was from 2019.
What is weird is that the problem has appeared recently.

I just updated
Version: R460 U6 (462.31) WHQL
date: 2021.4.14
We will see over time, but for now the fire is on.

On the other hand I have a weird error message and I wonder if I shouldn't evacuate the building as soon as possible! :mrgreen:

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