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Hi! I have looked for the answer to this but so far no luck. I am running Maxwell 5 and the Max 2021 plugin. I have been trying to export an animation from Max (via File/Export/Export). I check the export settings Animation and Pack'n Go. The animation I am trying to export is only a camera move, no other animated objects. When I export the sequence, every MXS file renders the same image (camera location at first frame). If I then animate an object in the scene, the camera still doesn't move, but the object changes position from frame to frame.

Is this expected behavior? If so, is there a way around this? If not, is there some obscure setting I have missed?

(NOTE: this is only one of several behaviors in this Export-from-Max process that do not seem to work correctly for me, but I have been able to figure out ways around all the other ones, I will document those at a later time, I have to get through these animations first.)

Thanks! Elliot
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