Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
just installed latest version for Rhino V6

when I open a v5 file with maxwell data, geometry with maxwell materials show this:

So it appears the maxwell V6 plugin cannot read & convert the V5 maxwell materials.

unfortunately that is a dead end for all sorts of assets that have been prepared in Rhino for maxwell.
converting to mxs in V5 and referencing in V6 might wok, but how tedious is that... besides that does not solve the material transfer problem.

IMHO getting V5>V6 conversion working should be a high priority goal. at least for materials

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By greengreen
I decided to stop by the forum after a year hiatus. Seems like they still haven't resolved issues like this? I was maybe going to upgrade, but not if this is a problem.

I also have a lot of older assets that I am not going to re-build myself

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