Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Hello everybody!

My name is Alonso, and I'm the developer in charge of the Maxwell | Rhinoceros plugin from now on.

I know there has been some uncertainty since Jeremy left and some of you have been asking about how the development of the plugin has been coming around. I'll try to answer said doubts in their respective threads so the authors get their answers ASAP, but know that the plugin is being rewritten from the ground up, due to some internal changes in the Rhino's API that was the base of our old plugin. The converter tool that McNeel provides is of no use to us, and this means that much of the great work that Jeremy did to create the plug-in we all know can't be refactored as easily as we would like.

Regardless, I wanted to assure you that the plugin is being worked on full time, and that I'll personally assess any doubts that may arise.

Thank you all,


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