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By RobMitchell
We've just installed SW2011 at work and have been playing with the new Walkthrough feature, which allows you to guide a camera around a 3D scene/model and record it. I was wondering if Maxwell is able to render out the frames from this data or not. As the only option currently is to save as a movie file from SolidWorks, I'm guessing we can't right now... but if I've missed something or if it's being looked into for the future, that'd be good to know. It'd be a great combination.

By JDHill
No, the plugin currently supports only turntable, zoom, and motion study animations. I'll check it out though and see if there's any way we can hook into the feature.
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By RobMitchell
Thanks for the quick response, JD. I figured as I couldn't get the walkthrough into the SolidWorks animation timeline or anything that it probably wouldn't work.

Well, hopefully it could be worked out in the future!
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