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By deadalvs

since the type of "lens" used for such a picture is just mathematical. real world physics don't produce such lenses (simply impossible), thus maxwell cannot render those images.

it can only be approximated with "infinite" focus. but you won't get the real deal.

every render with maxwell has DOF, no exception.

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(well, maybe not YET. nextlimit might develop other lens types for maxwell .. like spherical lenses too for qtvr panos)
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By Ernesto
Thanks I will try it too!
I am trying to create an almost orthografic view, and section. (both fro the same camera, in order to create a composite like the one Curt Roth created that is shown in the Maxwell Manual)
So I have one more question: Do the clipping planes work in Maya?
In case not, do we have an alternative method to create a section of a given model, as it is possible in Studio?
Thanks in advance

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By Ernesto
Thanks Deadalvs,

So I must be doing omething wrong, because I cannot mave a section rendered..
I can see the model as it is being cut by the clipping plane in the maya viewport, but Maxwell Render seemms to ignore it.
Am I missing anything?

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By deadalvs
isn't there somewhere an activation flag or a checkBox in the camera settings .. i used this last time quite some time ago ..

maybe check the maya plugin docs, i guess there's just a tiny step missing for your success.
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By Ernesto
I have found a check box, but it seems to work for Mental ray only.
As soon as I use Maxwell Render it will render the full model ignoring the clipping plane.
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By Mihai
Open the mxs in Studio and look in the camera section, if Zclip is turned on or off, and what the settings are. Auto render clip plane checkbox should be unchecked according to the manual, or the clip planes will be ignored.
By jfrancis
Mihai wrote:Just set the focal length of the camera really high, like 1000mm, it will get pretty close to an orthographic view.
Which will require you place your camera far away. Hopefully nothing blocks your view.
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