By mtripoli
Here's more texture fun...

The individual component has a valid Maxwell material - "shiny metal" (I know, my names for textures are very descriptive).

I added this SCREW to a PART file (FEMUR3) - not an assembly. Why? SW will not let you replace a part in an assembly that has in context relationships. So, my workaround is to add the new PART (screw) to the target existing PART (FEMUR3) in the assembly. On a rebuild all the PARTS in the PART file are there. Now, just to complicate things further I do a "circular pattern" of the screw in the PART file. As you can see the "parent" screw comes out with the "shiny metal" but the rest are a default diffuse material.

Should the material carry through to all parts?
By JDHill
What happens if you just apply your material to each pattern feature when you're in the assembly? Or, in the FEMUR3 part? I couldn't say exactly how the issue relates to the pseudo-subassembly workaround you're using, but as far as the plugin knows, there is simply no material data found on those bodies. There might be a clue in the fact that you're using this method to work around a SW limitation in the first place - it might be limited for a reason.
By JDHill
Okay, I am looking at this, and here's what seems to work/not work, and where:

1. applying material to the screw (Body) in the part file itself will not work, once you're in the multi-body part file
2. applying material to the pattern (Feature) in the multi-body file will not work, neither in the multi-body part file, nor when you get into the assembly
3. applying material to each screw (Body) in multi-body file will work, either when you're in that file, or when you get into the assembly
4. applying material to each screw (Body) in the assembly file will work

So if your primary goal is using a multi-body part consisting of a pattern of these screws in an assembly, you should assign your material to each screw in the multi-body part file. You can change it later, either from the context of the assembly, or by going back into the multi-body part file.
By mtripoli
Thanks very much JD. I did the same thing (went into the multi-body part and assigned the material there). That seems to work fine.

Thanks again!
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