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By MrC11111
Yes you are right, but in fact I'm on an emuled pc on my mac, it works well, but my space disk is almost full. My mac/pc is a bit old now and I need to replace it by a new one, and to upgrade Maxwell v2 for V3 for sure. But at this time not enough money to do this, I hope in a near future... :?
But I keep preciously your V3 mxm marble thank you! :wink:
Regarding textured marble, the texture map has to go into the transmission slot, BUT it will only render properly for thin flat shapes like a plate or a bowl, for a very 3Dimensional form like a statue, the render will be noisy and 'muddy' because few of the light rays will hit matching texture values as they traverse the geometry. AND even with flat geometry, the texture needs to be fairly uniform and monochromatic.

This is why no one wants to discuss textured SSS.
Today I tried one more time and actually managed to get a decent result for 'thin surfaces'.

I completely desaturated the scattering and added some roughness. I duplicated a darker version of the textured sss bsdf and weightmapped between them using that texture. In that way the backward scattering doesnt wash out the texture. The rendering speed didnt change much.


btw. that black strip in the corner is the backside of the uplighting emitter.

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