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Hello there,

I'm sorry. This may be a very simple question for most of the forum readers.

If I render a material ID channel Maxwell (V2) gives me a mulitcolor picture.
For example blue for the leaves of my tree and orange for the branches.
Between the colors there are gradients, i.e from blue to orange.

What is the best method to generate a selection of the leaves in Photoshop?
If I use the magic wand or 'select color' I have to select the 'tolerance'.

Can anybody help?

Thank you
First use object-id rather than matt-id.. see below;

Use only pure R. G. B. (and black) so you can generate 3 selections per render. Then use the r g b channels in ps for a perfect mask. (This is a standard cg technique)

Object-id renders are finished at sl6, so rendering extra masks, if you need more than 3 selections, is not a big deal.
Hello Umdrehung,

Although this is a new addition in Maxwell v3, keep in mind the new Custom Object alpha channel you can define whenever you need an accurate b&w alpha mask for the object you may need.
Just create a Custom Alpha channel, indicate the object(s) you want to appear in that mask, and during the render you will get that mask for granted.
You can create as many custom masks as you want (or as your Ram allows you).

For more info: ... ha+channel


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