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By arch3d
Hi all,
I got strange question.
I am playing wit camera settings. I found some info here:
If i set EV around 14-15,"lock exposure", fstop 5,6 and use HDR as light source i got dark scene. In such situation i have to increase HDR intensity to 100-200,
or I need to edit shutter speed. Probably it doesn't matter, but what is the better way regarding noise - increase HDR intensity, decrease shutter speed, or change EV number around 7-8?

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By tom
Feel free to do it in the way you like as it has zero effect on the produced "noise" (we decide to call it converging pixels :) ). But I'd still suggest you to play with HDR Intensity because, I assume your HDR may not be well calibrated about its intensity. Rest of the parameters (EV, ISO, etc) are trusted industry standards you can directly rely on. ;)
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By arch3d
Tom thank you very much for answer. I check couple hdri's (Viz people, HDRi-Locations, Moofe etc.) and i am not sure if its hdri problem. Ill put some screens later now i got deadline :P I learn Maxwell all the time and its multiply basic questions even if manual is like bible:)
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By eric nixon
Rest of the parameters (EV, ISO, etc) are trusted industry standards you can directly rely on
EV is a great way to judge things, UNLIKE maxwell sky which is not calibrated at all, for example in this render the ev is approx 15.8 which is correct afaik for such a bright scene.
but to get this lighting i had to use bizarre settings to get the intensity right between the sun and the sky, sky is at 0.3, sun is at 7, gamma is 1.9

Image 5min render sl14

Technically you can render this equally well with hdr, but there are NO hdr's with enough intensity, you have to adjust them manually which takes some practice. Notice there is a bug with exr's + high intensity + maxwell (the sun turns black)

I think it would be worth introducing a new calibrated maxwell sky, while keeping the old one for legacy reasons, would fit in the current dialogue box too :)

edit: the ultra bright wheel rim is due to some additive material occuring thru auto conversion, its not the lighting.

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