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By wimver
I have a scene completely setup in Studio, for static renders, but now my customer wants to have an animation, so I want to export my lights to c4d so that I don't have to remake them there (size, position, rotation etc). all other geometry is available in C4D.
all the lights are simple 1x1 planes generated in Studio itself, but the export function complains that the selected files (just the planes) are protected.
how can I overcome this?
By JDHill
I don't think there's any way of un-protecting protected geometry, but -- have you tried opening the MXS in Cinema? The import does not support all MXS features, but it may be enough.
By wimver
Wow, JDHill, I didn't know that was possible! great! the car is completely blown apart, but all the materials are there, and it seems all the lights are in the right place!
thanks a million!

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