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By pipcleo
After a quick perusal of thea I am curious whether V3 will allow the creation of translucent leaf without thin sss as per thea.
A leaf in thea is given translucence simply with the addition of a color map in the translucent slot....very simple and looks good without any sss.
By hatts
Can't this already be done?
- Use a clip mask in the layer
- Use flat color, or bitmap, in the transmittance of the BSDF
By pipcleo
hopefully v3 makes this easier success with a translucent leaf...
several hours yielded nothing
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By polynurb
pipcleo wrote:hopefully v3 makes this easier success with a translucent leaf...
several hours yielded nothing
you simply map layer opacity, basically like ags works.
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By Fernando Tella
If you don't want to use thin sss, I think you need thickness for that to look good. Then you can map transmittance, set a roughness around 35 and play with attenuation depending on the thickness of the object. In my case 0,001cm


The material:
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By AlexP

1. Use 0 brightness 100
2. Use 90 brightness 200
3. Use transmittance brightness 200 with 100um
4. Use roughness 100 and nd 1
5. Turn on singlesided
6. Use scattering brightness 100
7. Set Scattering to 1000 and asymmetry -0.2
8. Set singlesided thickness to 0.1mm

Everywhere set saturation to about 100 with green color.
To achieve same affect as translucency in vray use asymmetry 0.
Look at maxwell lib folder, there is leaf sample.
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