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By jojojoj
I think nobody is going to be able to tell you exact settings for a correct snail material, but I kinda like the idea that you could find something like this in the big mxm library online :D ….. If I had to give you a quick guess, I'd say something like plastic material, so two BSDF with bump and additional sss, but that's almost as far as one will be able to tell you without having done tests… :-)
By rusteberg
the gateway to sss is through dialectric


this heavily depends on the scale of your model - this is the best place to start off - find something suitable to work with - a suitable amount of light transmitting through your object based on the balance between your transmittance color (maps will come later along with any clamping needed), your attenuation value, and your Nd value


once you've found the right amount of light coming through your model, then start filling it with "SSS", or in other words start scattering the light that is entering your model while applying subsurface properties that determine how that light enters and exits the model


if you want to add some gloss/sheen to that single bsdf layer you could explore this option, or experiment with layered bsdf's or material layers themselves


once you've established a base material that you are happy with you can then start applying your maps..... but keep in mind that you are then creating a new balance between the high and low values in your transmittance map which could result in starting all over again in finding the right balance between transmittance values and scattering.....


as you can see it is a delicate process with lots of factors involved. this is by no means THE way to do what you are trying to do, but should provide you with a few factors to consider.

don't hold me liable if things go awry..... :)

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