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i'd say the proper way is to create a separate projector mapping for the splashes and create a separate material layer for it.

this projector mapping you associate with your dirt layer, and put it on top of all your other materials. (you will need an alpha/clip map)

the quick and dirty way could be to copy the geometry and offset by 0.1mm out or so and use a clip map to cut out non-dirt parts...
Thanks, polynurb!

1. first I would need to create same scale UV mapping for all objects
2. to set up splash material
3. to apply same splash as a top layer with clip map for all materials, right?

What about direction controls? Does Maxwell have them? Something like in Vray, when for example you wanna apply dust to all geometry facing up.
looking good!

when i did something like this last time, i created a secondary single mesh of my objects, and unwrapped it.
this was then used as "custom projector" for the original geometry, so everything fit perfectly. (i use rhino)

how you do it on the material level can differ: you could also use a weight map and double geometry, this would only work with 100%opacity dirty though. but it has the advantage that you don't have to adjust any materials if only your weight map changes.
hey, thanks for your help.

Cool, I'm using rhino too. This time just used simple mapping (box) and placed it in a different mapping channel in maxwell material editor. It's quick and works okay for simple geometry. For more complex things would have to use unwrapping, but I never learned it properly.Tried it few times, but fount quite difficult to control..Do you know any good video tutorials on that?

I'll try your secondary mesh method next.
Hi, I am trying to come up with the best way to create an impression of splash or dirt distributed on many different objects with different materials
The proper way to do this is with channels. Inside mxed when you assign a texture it uses channel 0 by default, for your splash mask or graffiti mask, assign that to channel 1 in each mxm, then position the mapping for channel 1, and use those mapping coords for each object. I dont know how rhino plug works but in cinema we assign additional texture tags for each extra channel.

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