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By QuakeMarine1
use Smedge from
its the the best you can use
3 free nodes - mega support from developer in person - pretty easy to use

i render maxwell with 850 nodes using Smedge - all fine about
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By polynurb
kami wrote:Thank you very much! I'll have a look at it as I was not very satisfied with Qube and Deadline.
they have a good whitepaper online though, it is not so much deadline specific as it talks a lot about general network and WS/server configurations. i enjoyed reading it. ... caling.pdf

i was also looking into deadline, but found it and others too expensive and service intensive in comparison to the amount of animations i do atm.

and now i am waiting for v3 network...
By kami
same here :D
but it never hurts to look out for alternatives ...
Even if v3 network runs flawlessly there are some functions that only specialized 3rd party apps can provide. I'm hoping for something like this:
- A good queue management
- Power Management (shutting down of the computers if they are not needed and rebooting them if necessary)
- Network shares management (okay, that could also be done otherwise ...)
- Running Software and Windows updates on several machines at once (hope that this will be somehow possible)
- Maybe being able to run all machines on Linux at one point to save some money on windows licenses

Thanks very much for that document. Looks really interesting! At the moment I'm maintaining 7 machines as a dedicated render farm but I'd like to upgrade that at some point in the future as it is not enough for larger animation production yet.
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