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By kami
I noticed that there is a pretty strong difference when using bump with a mapped texture or with real scale:
These are my tests with skydome or physical sky and different bump values (a normal one and an exaggerated one). Each square is about 10x10 meters, mapped with the same material - once with real scale 18x8 meters and once with a box mapping of 18x8 meters.

Is this difference intentionally? I've noticed it for some time that when I needed to change a realscale texture into a mapped one (because I need to map it more specifically) that it changed its look quite drastically ...
And it also means that it is impossible to get a strong bump on a real scale material :(
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By eric nixon
But its evident from the first two images that using real scale prevents the bump parameter working,

Solution 1; remove real scale (no-one needs it)

Solution 2; fix this bug?

Solution 3; leave it in but warn all to never use it?

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