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By pipcleo
How to reset the objects palette ?
They seem to have become over-lapped....I cant move the object column back to the left hand side , the material column and multi mat column will move to the right only.
The lock and "H" wont move at all

Need to move or reset to original positions (on mac)


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By pipcleo
Re installing hasn't resolved this.....
obviously there is a file/cache somewhere that needs removing.

Please advise how to resolve as Maxwell is almost impossible to use with this issue

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By dariolanza
Hello Phillip,

You can easily revert to an original default layout and then save it as your default layout for the following uses.

On the main bar, go to Window>Load Layout and pick one of the deafult layout presets included in the Maxwell application folder (inside the Next Limit>Maxwell 2>layouts>default subfolder).

Pick one of the .stlay (Studio layout) files close to your monitor resolution.

Once with your new layout, adjust it to your needs and save it (Window>Save layout) with the name defaultlayout.stlay in the upstream subfolder (Next Limit>Maxwell 2>layouts subfolder).

Next time you open Studio, you will get that default layout of your own.

Let me know if this solves the issue.


Dario Lanza
By pipcleo
Hi Dario

This is not working.
The "h" column seems to be locked to the far right side when I try to move the columns for object/material to the left.

Cant fix by moving the columns and loading a default has no effect on these column positions.
Undocking doesn't help either
Re installing doesn't help either.

Cant work with the object palette stretched across the whole screen....
Please advise another fix
By pipcleo
Fernando, h = hide ( see attached image in first post)

Already tried that Brian.

I am not getting this issue running studio when I restart using a secondary disc on the same machine.
Is there a cache or preference file that needs deleting in order for the default layout to start working
As expected ?
By pipcleo
Mihai , If I delete all the .stlay files other than those in the maxwell layout folder , it does not fix the issue.
If I delete also the .stlay files from the maxwell layout folder also , then studio will not launch
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By Fernando Tella
Playing with the top bars while the object palette is undocked I managed to widen the small bars and show the H (for hidden), the L (for locked) and the M (for multimaterials). It had to do with resizing the window and top bars while the bar was on the right side. That said, I cannot go back to the previous state. I do not completely understand the logic behind it.
By pipcleo
Hey Fernando
I cant get that level of movement from the columns....the "H" column refuses to be made narrower.
Can you at least load another layout to get back to the original layout ?........I can't
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