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By jfrancis
rusteberg wrote: what's happening here @ the left corner piece where it seems noise is converging?
It's wizard SSS orange juice, so I think it's just the glow-y backside of the liquid.
By jfrancis
rusteberg wrote:
jfrancis wrote:Image
what's happening here @ the left corner piece where it seems noise is converging?

I've been calling it orange juice but it's actually honey.
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By Mihai
jfrancis wrote:
Mihai wrote:That looks great! I can see many uses for that....

Tutorial please! :mrgreen: We will put it on our web, make you famous.....
Do you think this is suitable? Or is it not 'tutorial-like' enough?
I think there needs to be a short part 2 that describes in detail an example of a Maxwell material created with those maps.
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By eric nixon
I would like to postulate this problem; how to extract the direction of wood grain from a texture?

The 'swirlz' filter can create contours from gradients, but I want to know if a filter exists that can do the reverse... generate a gradient type angle map based on the direction of contours (the wood grain)

My lame workaround is to create a bump map of grooves from the wood-grain and reflect a 'circular angle map gradient sky', its tricky to dial-in the bump height and lacks resolution..... its so lame that its better to fake the effect with fairly random wavy angle map.

But I really want to make a perfect wood mxm... :? and to be able to make angle maps in general.

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